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The hairstyle can allow somebody to put on a chic along with casual and charming appearance. With curly hair, there are many different hairstyles you can pick from

How to Contour Your Eyes for Your Eye Shape

Learn how to enhance or change your natural eye shape with this tutorial on how to contour the eyes. With simple changes, you can have the shape you want.

Mat, crémeux ou gloss, le rouge à lèvres se décline en plusieurs variantes qu’on a parfois l’embarras du choix ou on ignore tout simplement lequel utiliser suivant le résultat qu’…

Who remembers my lip contour videos ? Can't wait to do some lip tutorials with Huda's lip liners. Back to filming for you beauties this week Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Rounded pattern for lash extensions by LashBoxLA

Tea Bags For Puffy Eyes: Do they help swollen dark eyes and restore youthfulness? Find out the secrets behind green tea and its effect on swollen eyes.