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Purple Crowned Fairy Wren - Northern Australia <3

Purple Crowned Fairy Wren ~ Northern Australia (That's actually the name of this beautiful creature)

Words CANNOT explain how badly I wish I could swim and work with these beautiful creatures! I would love to swim with them before I die.

ORCAS The Finnish ppl call 'em WHALE KILLERS ('cause they kill Whales - they eat 'em alive!) "Killer Whale" is a mistranslation - the sentence structure is diff. Although related to Whales they're more similar to Dolphins!

Cuteness–overload: “ Russian Blue adorable!!

best russian blue cat personality images ideas - most affectionate cat breed how much a fluffy russian blue kitty / kitten price ?

Sri Lanka Blue Magpie~Ceylon Magpie!...fb

The Sri Lanka Blue Magpie or Ceylon Magpie (Urocissa ornata) is a member of the crow family living in the hill forests of Sri Lanka, where it is endemic. — with Jesús G. Muñoz Ruiz, Lianne Marquis, Gladys Shephard and Rida Butt.

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