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I saw some of this work in a book also in Magma. I loved this idea of putting small figures into a big scene

I know it's just trick photography but it looks so clever for such a simple idea, it reminds me of Kim Leuenberger's Travelling Cars Adventures.

The Little People Project by Slinkachu (22 Photos)

Photographing miniature figures in the environment is nothing new, but few can match the clever scenes constructed by the London-based artist Slinkachu. Since releasing a book in he’s been.

Tiny people sculptures…

Funny pictures about Tiny people sculptures. Oh, and cool pics about Tiny people sculptures. Also, Tiny people sculptures.

Andrew Whyte pasó 365 días tras este pequeño fotógrafo LEGO y tomo estas fotografías. @

UK-based photographer Andrew Whyte specializes in long-exposure photography, but lately he’s been busy with a small-scale project: the adventures of a Lego figure dubbed Leg O’Grapher

아기자기한 작은 세계.jpg

Funny pictures about Such a small world. Oh, and cool pics about Such a small world. Also, Such a small world photos.