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Attila The Hun ,The greatest ruler of the Hungarian migration at 433 - 453 Hungary .

Magyarország vármegyéi. Ancient Hungary

Hungary - Trianin elott - before was the Hungarian land with many State today only 19 State left just tragedy for Hungarians

Hungarian Warriors,

Attila "The Hun" Scourge of God - Leader of the Hunnic Empire - great grandfather

820-895 Almos Prince of Magyar

Álmos, Grand Prince of the Magyars - born c 820 - died c this rendition of Almos' costume is anachronistic at best, completely fictitious at worst. Th artist could have consulted the archeological material of the c.



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It might be cool to have some runes in Mildred's home (and a great opportunity for easter eggs!

Hungaryball - HUNGARY STRONK!

Hungaryball - HUNGARY STRONK!

Varga Miklós Székely Himnusz

Varga Miklós Székely Himnusz

Hungary History, A Az, Basin, Roots

"They cannot understand as yet that we are not fighting a political party but a sect of murderers of all contemporary spiritual culture.

Végre! A rovásírás is bekerülhet a számítógépes karakterkészletbe -

székely-magyar rovásírás: old Hungarian Script (notch,score) Alphabet /// this is similar to the runes i have tattooed on my shoulder