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two rings with black and white designs on them, one has an arrow in the middle
||-Divers License-||(Jaden Hossler)
a black flower with green eyes is hanging from a chain on a wooden surface,
a person's hand holding three small wooden dolls
Clay voodoo dolls
a brown teddy bear with a black bow on it's head sitting next to craft supplies
Crumb Avenue
instructions for making cupcakes with fondant decorations
Muñequitos vudú para decorar cupcakes / Voodoo dolls to decorate cupcakes
Polymer clay tutorial , handmade clay craft
a black witches hat sitting on top of a wooden table next to candy canes
a small mushroom with a hat on it's head is held in someones hand
Mushroom Pal
a hand holding a tiny figurine with a mushroom on it's head
15 DIY Projects For Summer