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a poster with words in different languages that say it's okay to take a test
Collocations with TAKE
two different types of prepositions with words and pictures on the same page, one is
Difference between pay and keep in English - phrasal verbs
the differences between do and make in different words on a white background with green circles
DO vs MAKE - The difference between Do and Make in English
The difference between Do vs Make in English
two different types of words that say catch and save, with the same one in pink
It is going to be warm and sunny in Washington, DC today, so we hope to "catch some rays"! "Catch some rays" is a collocation that means to be outside in the sunshine. A collocation is a pair or group of words that are used together. Check out our ‪#‎AmericanEnglish‬ graphic for other collocations that use the verbs "catch" and "save." Can you use one or more of these in a sentence?
a diagram with words that say have
Collocations with 'Have'.
two posters with words that say, collocations with have and break
Collocations with HAVE & BREAK #learnenglish @AntriParto
an english poster with words and pictures to describe what they are going on the internet
Collocations with GET and TAKE
Galiprofedeingles: Collocations with GET and TAKE
a poem written in the language of frequent phrases with an image of a cartoon car
collocations with make and do