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Modern padlásszobák. http://www.szepelgo.hu/2016/07/odon-hangulatu-padlasszobak-napjainkhoz.html
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j- if can't do big window, do this to make a decorative end space in master? Last comment "Nice reading window in master bedroom or something to that effect" “Love an attic space” “For attic space.Think attic.

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Swedish Style: Elisabeth Dunker's Country Home

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Concrete Floored Abode - a cabin on Lake Wenatchee - traditional - home office - seattle - Gelotte Hommas Architecture

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Looking for attic room conversion ideas? If you're fortunate enough to have an attic that is yet unused, we state it's time to make much better use of it.

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Property Photos The Attic room in the Dr. Our most popular room.,Courtyard At Lake Lucerne

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40 Exotic Moroccan Bedroom Design Ideas---love the look of this room. I so want an attic bedroom. the rug really brings it together.

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Psychedelic supersonic silicon space age: photos of the radical hippie design sense

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Bryce, every girl needs a place to tell stories. a place to cry. a place to laugh. a place to dream. a place to share with friends.