Dalia J. Gutierrez — disminucion: sunflower field, Yoshiki Fujiwara

:D Haha. Run through the fields.or at least become a sunflower? Life has its sunrises and sunsets.

In a world that seems opposed to GOD, how do I handle the challenges of keeping my Faith strong?

Lake Dock, Thousand Islands, Canada. The Light Purple & Blues Of The Hills, Water & Sky In The Background Create A Cool Tone To The Image. The Leaves Complement It Well & Add To The Peace & Tranquility.

Autumn colours

Nothing makes me smile more than the site of Autumn leaves draped over the ground on a brisk morning walk. I can practically smell the fresh autumnal air and that unmistakable nature smell.


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Ne csak akkor legyél büszke magadra, amikor eléred a céljaidat. Legyél büszke magadra minden egyes apró lépésért, amit megteszel a céljaid felé.

Ne csak akkor legyél büszke magadra, amikor eléred a céljaidat.