More ideas from Ági
From exhibit "Winter Tree Collage"  by Taylor4009

"Winter Tree Collage" design would make a nice fused glass plate or platter


Monochromatic Tree Painting Beginning painiting students created a monochromatic painting of a winter pecan tree grove. Students chose an intermediate color and made tints and shades of that color to complete the painting.

Art teacher's blog post about this winter project, perfect for fourth grade students.

Talvinen maisema --- Another great idea for teaching value using shades and tints. The original poster of this project, art teacher Jessica Young, gives a great explanation of the steps and tips she used with her fourth-grade students.

The Lost Sock : Art Elements using Hands

I wanted an easy way to teach the elements of art to my graders. I decided to use hands to get them started.

Christmas stocking doodle colouring page

This Christmas stocking doodle colouring card has lots of detail to appeal to older kids and possibly adults too. Print using borderless settings if possible, colour and fold.

Graffiti 2014-2015 - De website van kunstopdemagnolia!

Graffiti 2014-2015 - De website van kunstopdemagnolia!