Fuzzy Alpaca Yarns - Photo by Michele Woods

You like my scarf?" Fuzzy Alpaca Yarns - Photo by Michele Woods


He: "Would you like to learn to Tango Darlin? " She: "I might make a mistake" He: "No mistakes in the Tango, Darlin. Not like life. That's what makes the Tango so great, you make a mistake, you get all tangled up, you just Tango on . Tango on.


"My parents still dance with each other, even when there's no music. I think that's what I would call love." "Then let us dance the night away.

Saatchi Online Artist: Janel Eleftherakis; Oil 2013 Painting "Sepia Series #5 (SOLD ON Saatchi Online)"

Buy Prints of Sepia Series (Sold), a Oil on Wood by Janel Eleftherakis from United States. It portrays: People, relevant to: sepia, women, oils Sepia oil painting series reflecting the glamour and mystique from the bygone eras of the and

Dance. #redbull #breakdance

QUIZ: What Is Your Dance Personality? - I love the reactions on the audience's faces.


Disons danser le tango au Blue Moon Party-Botero Let's say dance tango at the blue moon party - botero


~ gorgeous signed pointe shoes worn by Veronica Tennant in her final performance of Romeo and Juliet (February I can replicate the look with old shoes and some vintage ephemera and decoupage.

Dancing in the rain.

A girl caught dancing in the festival crowd under the sprinkler, I named her Aglaea. Ozora Festival Hungary - MILAN CVETANOVIC \ "Some people feel the rain. others, just get wet.


From the Soul, tango dancers in Buenos Aires, black and white photo, interior art, 12 x 18 inch print.I LOVE TANGO!


By November Tiffany (our Community Product Partner support ninja) spends 2 weeks immersed in Tango in Buenos Aires.