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Turn Old Towels Into A Soft, Sophisticated Bath Mat

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You Need to Know the 7 Bs of Building Bookcases

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Cut legs A & rails B, C to size. Cut hand hole & mortises for hinges in back rail. Cut half lap joints in legs & rails. Lay assembly on bench & clamp swing-leg assemblies on top in open position. Make sure top edges & outside faces of swing-leg rails

Brilliant. Garage Storage Hack.

1-Weekend Garage Organization

Small Shop Tips: Sawhorse, Space-Saving & Cheap Storage

Small Shop Tips: Sawhorse, Space-Saving & Cheap Storage

Small Shop Tips - Cheap, Easy Storage - I found a quick, cheap and easy way to store lots of little stuff like biscuits, screws, wood plugs and the like. Drill a hole in the cap of a plastic soda bottle and insert an eyebolt.


This is why I've been hoarding all my used jam jars. Screw the lid to the underside of a shelf and hey presto! another great storage idea for all the little stuff.


To hold a lot of pliers, it's easiest to just hook them onto the edge of a piece of wood. The piece of wood in this holder is tapered towards the top edge, so that it doesn't force the handles too far apart

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