Fulani woman/ Nigeria

Cultures in Nigeria, Fulani Girl Nigeria NEGRITOS Negro black beauty beautiful afro

Peruvian girl dress in traditional dress

Peruvian girl dress in traditional dress Bolivia ~ this is so happy

Lovely smile from Japan.....

Lovely smile from Japan, pretty girl but don't like seeing a Girl wearing make up on their face, things they do to make children models!


TIBET-“Derriere l’objectif d’Eric Valli”, photos et propos.

Wodaabe woman, Niger | © Steve McCurry

Wodaabe woman, Niger, Africa Steve McCurry, from his "The Sahel Desert" Album.

Hayden Alsahaf "Moroccan mountain woman" <<< Fascinating face... Can't stop looking at her... <3~R~<3

Moroccan mountain woman, photo by Hayder Alsahaf

Traditional Maasai body art, from a photograph by Art Wolfe in "Tribes"

Humanity's beauty Traditional Maasai body art, from a photograph by Art Wolfe in "Tribes"

Mumuhuila Hairstyle - Angola - The hairstyle is made of dried cow dung, herbs, roots, oil fat. The number of dreadlocks has a meaning: 3 dreadlocks means there are dead people in the family, 4 to 6 dreadlocks is the normal style.


Samburu tribe, Kenya and Tanzania, by Jimmy Nelson from Before They Pass Away

Africa | Dassanetch (Geleb) Woman ~ Portrait from Ethiopia | © Iñaki Caperochipi Photos

Portrait from Ethiopia © Iñaki Caperochipi

Hans Silvester

Surma and Mursi people of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Mongolian family

Mongolian family - this family pic is so cute!

O fotógrafo Joey Lawrence, mais conhecido por Joey L., passou anos indo para Índia e para a Etiópia, e desenvolveu o projeto fotográfico Holy Men, na qual ele retrata os homens santos desses lugares que estão na busca de uma libertação espiritual.

homens santos da índia nas lentes de joey l.

Sadhus: Holy Men of Varanasi, India. Portrait of Shiv Ji Tiwaril Photo by: Joey…


Ethiopian children, face painting prior to a celebration.

As for most other tribes of the Omo Valley, cattle are central to the lives of the Dassanech. When they lose their cattle to disease, drought or raid by a neighbouring tribe, they turn to the world’s largest desert lake for sustenance, hunting fish, crocodile and the occasional hippo.

Before They Artprint XIV Bodita, Arboshash & Nirjuda, Dassanech Tribe, Omorate Village, Southern Omo


I Photograph The Homeless By Becoming One Of Them

Homelessness seems to be a never-ending problem. For Lee Jeffries, that means his photo project will never end.