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Candida Cookbook...good website with long list of recipes for those who eat for candida. Lots of healthy choices even if you don't particularly eat a candida diet.

Here is a page with links to all of the recipes that I will be posting for a Candida Control Diet. I will be adding to these everyday so please check back. I have also added a list of foods that are allowed on a Candida Control Diet. Candida can.

Anti Candida lemon bars! So excited to make these. It looks so easy and has only a little sweetener in it.

Anti Diet - The Can-Do Candida Diet: Spring Forward: Tart and Tasty Lemon Bars The Anti-Diet Solution is a system of eating that heals the lining inside of your gut by destroying the bad bacteria and replacing it with healthy bacteria

Sweet Potato Paleo Brownies Recipe

Sweet Potato Brownies Paleo Life 4 oz Dark chocolate 2 med Sweet Potatoes, boiled purple or red skinned firm fleshed cup Unpasteurized Local Honey 3 Eggs cup Cocoa Powder 1 tbsp Vanilla 1 tbsp Coconut Flour 1 tbsp Coconut Oil 1 tsp Baking Soda tsp Salt