Szilvia Tóth

Szilvia Tóth

vegetarian, bird and mineral lover, addicted of sea/sun/river/lake/travel/love
Szilvia Tóth
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this is a good idea for my bird when he hangs out in my room.... if he's not hanging out with me

Post Pictures of DIY Toys you have made! Cockatiel Housing and Toys

Plastic Container Bird Foraging Box - Make a foraging container for your birds! Find a plastic container that is several times larger than your pet and remove the lid. Fill the box with pet-friendly straw, sticks, rocks and other natural products such as bark, pine cones or pine needles. Toss bird seed into the box for your pets to find and replace the digging materials as needed. -

Bird Foraging Box - Get a container for your birds! Put pet-friendly straw, sticks, and other products,bark, pine cones etc. Toss bird seed in.

DIY: pom pom magnets

DIY: pom pom magnets - I love these in the kitchen colors.they probably won't stay clean "forever", but they should be inexpensive enough that it doesn't matter.