Orange Large illustration print 1170 x 1650 A3 Bonjour by edubarba, €13.00

his lovely item has been selected to be part of the "LOVE ATTACK DAY” promoted by EtsyITALIAteam- Bonjour orange Extra Large illustration print 1650 x by edubarba,

Learn To Tango! - studio t blog More

Learn To Tango!

Here we share the history behind Tango music and teach you the dance, step-by-step.


Great googly moogly, look at dem finger eyes!

Gauloises cigarettes (1964).The legendary Swiss graphic designer Donald Brun (1909-1999) was a master of the Object Poster (where the image is paramount is selling the product). Brun's work is marked by humor and whimsy, bright bold colors and shapes, a wide variety of graphic styles, and animals.

Gauloises cigarettes by Donald Brun

art deco gal's. Illustrations / Ilustraciones

German poster for 'Zum 5 Uhr Tee' o'clock tea), Band 9 ca / Willy Herzig - 1927

tangos para piano Más

Tangos para piano CD on Behance — Designspiration

Jazz Musician Silhouette Cutouts <b>musicians</b>, <b>music</b> genre and <b>jazz</b> on pinterest

Jazz Musician Mardi Gras Decorations feature two sided cutouts of a jazz trio silhouetted in black and white. These Jazz Musician Mardi Gras Decorations are great for parties!

MAKE ART NOT WAR Signed Offset Poster

MAKE ART NOT WAR Signed Offset Poster

this is legitimately one of my favorite works of art. it has a (although cliche) simple message that was portrayed beautifully. i just love it Shepard Fairey Make Art Not War Offset Poster Release

Mid-century modern pattern by Kerry Doyle- Great color combo

A visual catalogue of the Mid-Century Modern graphic aesthetic. Collated by Theo Inglis

improvising jazz ed., cover illustration by robert carola)

Let's do it, 1929 (ill.: Roger De Valerio); ref. 2300

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Mid-Century Jazz - Inspired by classic album cover art from the and this chic design will jazz up any home or office wall. This bold and brassy poster is printed on gallery-grade paper, so it’s sure to be a favorite part of your decor for years to come.

zig zag lettering, playful composition

zig zag lettering, playful composition

"How to dance the tango, hesitation waltz and other popular dances", Vancouver, B.C., J. H. Welch [1914]

How to Dance The Tango - 1914

Poster art by Hervé Morvan, circa 1967.

Morvan created the first in a series of lovely posters featuring children for the campaign Jeunesse au plein air.

Cuban Movie Poster Argentina Tango Dance Art Bandoneon Musical Accordion | eBay

Movie poster, Tango y Tango