Szilvi Jávorka-Lieber

Szilvi Jávorka-Lieber

Szilvi Jávorka-Lieber
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18. Harmony Smurf

Harmony (sometimes reffered to as "Rocker Smurf") is a character in the Smurf Me Up series.

Adult Sassette

Sassette as Dorothy from The Wizard Of Odds Sassette as a Swoof Adult Sassette with her fellow.

Sassette Smurfling - Smurfs Wiki

Sassette is one of the main characters of the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show from Season 5 to the end. She was the second female Smurf who wa

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Barber Glovey Story

Barber is a character in the Smurf Me Up series. As his name says, the village's barber.