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an elephant is standing in the middle of a garden with purple flowers and lavenders
The Virtual Builder
an outdoor garden with various plants and trees
Ibiza Rocks
Ibiza Rocks - Stephen Woodhams Ibiza Gardens (
a garden filled with lots of purple flowers and green plants next to a wooden bench
Tara Template: Garden Design Equation
Tom- Like these plants layered but want it to look clean-- agastache, echinacea, sedum and more...:
some very pretty flowers and plants in the grass
an outdoor area with potted plants and stone buildings in the background, surrounded by greenery
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a garden with many different types of flowers
a garden with stone steps and green plants
Try Mid-Sized Shrubs for a Layered Border
Mid-Sized Shrubs For A Layered Border | Grow Beautifully
a field full of purple flowers next to a stone wall and an olive tree in the background
some white and purple flowers next to a brick building with blue grass in the foreground
carexTours: Photo
a planter filled with lots of purple flowers
Landscaping and Hardscaping