Making miniature gardens is always interesting and very good choice for home decoration. If you have free time and do not know how to spend it, get creative and make some small and beautifully designed garden for indoor or outdoor decoration. You can create miniature terrarium gardens, small water gardens, or combine the both options. …

25+ Adorable Miniature Terrarium Ideas For You To Try

Add a Miniature Waterfall, Pond or River to your Terrarium - Unique Terrarium Accessory - Handmade by Gypsy Raku - Fairy Gardens

Stonehenge Ancient Ruins Fantasy Terrarium / by Megatone230, $114.00

Stonehenge Ancient Ruins - Fantasy Terrarium / Diorama A mystical Zen garden created by Tony Larson from the Minneapolis based.

Ever wanted to run away with the fairies? Well now you don't have to - they can come to you! Here are 14 inventive ideas to make your very own fairy garden at home.

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Terrarium with a little scene

Stück Natur: The Microenvironment-in-a-Jar by Hans-Rucker & Co. This is a museum piece, but looks easy to duplicate with a miniature house or shed, soil, and moss in a covered glass jar - very charming!