Ranakpur Temple, Rajasthan, India. Unimaginably exquisite and unique carvings on white marble surface of 2000 or so pillars everywhere you look.

Ranakpur Jain Temple, Rajasthan, India P.S- Best architecture = Indian Architecture

Mandore Gardens, Rajasthan / India

Mandore Gardens, ancient Indian architecture, Rajasthan - India My favorite part in fashion is the detail and structure^.^ this is a great example of where I look for inspiration


Stone carvings of one of the four gates of Dabhoi (Gujarat), India. wow what detail.

Bangalore, India

This is a picture of the Hindu Temple Shiv Mandir in Bangalore, India -- a statue of Lord Shiva. Shiva is The Lord of destruction in Hinduism but also possesses the typical Hindu beliefs; some of which, are close to my heart.

Haveli. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, india

Jaisalmar, Rajasthan, India…just saying wish the USA took more pride in architecture and created beautiful things like this instead