Parisian flat.

Traveller Eyes - Escape to Inspiration, beautiful french style apartment with wall molding, door molding and hardwood floors

Roxy Cinema~Marine-related, Under The Sea, etc.

Wouldn't they make awesome front door/entrance doorway handles? ~ Art nouveau door handles at the Roxy Cinema in Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand by velma

Love how nouveau animates everyday life. Feels that there could be another world behind this door.

20 Antique Metal and Wood Exterior Doors Bringing Charm of Unique Vintage Style

Blue Art Nouveau Door at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA -

I wish I could have these doors on my house! Absolutely gorgeous detail work and color choice!

The curves of the doorway and arch above, plus the beautiful blue of the portal door really speak to me in this photo.

Casa Vogue♥,

As 30 portas mais lindas do mundo!

Peratallada, Catalonia, Spain

Peratallada, Catalonia, Spain - foreboding, but compelling one to enter.

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Doors with Real Wild Color

What an astounding array of colors -- from violet to rose and even deep purple. Aren't the leaded glass windows beautiful? I wonder why the doors have padlocks on them. The windows have an arched design. Maybe it's a church.

Red Door with a Nouveau Flavor.

Do you know, in Irish folklore, it is thought that painting one's door in red keeps away bad luck and wards off ghosts and evil spirits? :) I've always loved the idea of a red door, but with my Irish roots, this makes it even more charming :)