From Sketch to Dress

Atelier Versace

All beautiful dresses, really use the fabric to get the most out of it with the different movements. sketch to reality VERSACE. Stunning fashion illustrations and dresses


Dr Propolus Adds His Own Touch on Fashion Spreads

Austrian-Moroccan illustrator Dr Propolus aka Ilias Walchshofer finds vintage, sexy or inspiring editorials and let his imagination wandering while drawing simp

George Barbier   Des Roses Dans La Nuit 1921

During the decade they entered into modern fashion. It was the decade where women began wearing comfortable clothes while men abandoned formal clothing. "The were characterized by two distinct periods of fashion.

Passion 23 Watercolor Floral Elements hand painted by OctopusArtis

This set of high quality hand painted watercolor floral Elements in Hires. Perfect graphic for wedding invitations, greeting cards, photos, posters,