LOVE LABYRINTH!!!   "El-low"... "Did you just say 'Hello'?"... "No, I said 'El-low' but that's close enough. C'mon inside, meet the missus"

previous pinner= 'David Bowie meets Jim Henson--need I say more? I love the Labyrinth so much that I named my dog after one of the characters'.= and I SOOO agree (tho haven't named my dog after a character.

X-files, opening titles But, Scully. They don't even WANT to believe.


"If she'd a kept on goin down that way, she'd a went straight to the castle" Love it. (From Labyrinth featuring David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King)


Still from the film "The Labyrinth" directed by Jim Henson, staring David Bowie as "Jareth" and Jennifer Connelly as "Sarah". The film starts with Sarah playing a scene from a book (Labyrinth) at her house's park.

Sir Didymus. Labyrinth 1986.

sir didymus and his noble steed ambrosius from the labyrinth XD i love this movie!

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Canadian homage poster image for Krull. The image measures 650 * 1005 pixels and was added on 16 April