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Supernatural and Pop Culture References<-- Why did they pick Charlie talking to some random person when her and Dean said the same things to each other?


A tribute to my favorite long running joke on Supernatural. Sam, Dean and Crowley in the style of Rocky and Bullwinkle (plus Boris!) This shirt was sold. Moose and Squirrel - tee


My favorite quotes from Dean, Sam & Castiel

colonel-mustang:    jhenne-o-lantern:    tragic-french-intimacy:        Please consider a reblog— this could save a life    Human transmutation Circle.    Please reblog, this could save a limb.

Supernatural Signs, I would totally get the anti-possession as a tattoo!< as soon as I reach the age when my parents wouldn't kill me for getting a tattoo. And old enough to buy a tattoo. And old enough to get a car to drive to the tattoo place.

Supernatural Driver Picks the Music T-Shirt

Supernatural Driver Picks the Music T-Shirt

"Driver Picks the Music" by risarodil .Shotgun shuts his cakehole. Inspired by Supernatural

Bear Island knows no King but the King in the North whose name is Stark.

Game of Thrones - Lyanna Mormont


Supernatural/Game of Thrones


Steffie Doll's The Borgias: Lucrezia’s Gambit Sticker

rougevelvet, Supernatural Game of Thrones [x]

rougevelvet, Supernatural Game of Thrones [x] house singer

Dustin "Toothless" Henderson - Stranger Things

Conheça as incríveis ilustrações feitas por Julio Cesar

Constantine by Doaly

Wish they still made Constantine

Penny Dreadful ladies and gents! If you're not watching it and are able to handle the mature content(On the level with Game of Thrones), watch it! It is well-crafted and engaging. Also it does well to address modern issues in a Victorian setting while keeping things from veering into anachronism. The navigation of the classic Victorian literary figures is wonderful. Also the twists and turns will leave you floored at times. And by floored I mean on the floor holding yourself crying.

Penny Dreadful - Eva Green, Timothy Dalton and Josh Hartnett, do i need to say more ?

stranger things ❤️ #strangerthings

stranger things ❤️ #strangerthings

Purple Wedding

The Lion and The Rose: Awesome Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 Fan Poster

rougevelvet, Supernatural Game of Thrones [x]

rougevelvet, Supernatural Game of Thrones [x]. But I like the banner and caption!

• Penny Dreadful modern AU: Vanessa Ives “I sell antique jewelry, no other services.” “Yeah, I know, but a friend told me you gave her a reading. She says you’re good.” “Mmm, did she, now?” “Everything you told her actually happened. She had a hard...

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