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how to draw lashes!!☺️💞
a drawing of a woman's face with her eyes closed
Draw Hair uploaded by Miss McFly アレキ on We Heart It
a black and white drawing of two hands holding each other with different objects around them
Adopted by SwayLa (Discontinued)
a pencil drawing of a woman's face with a bun in her hair and the words angel cave on it
Juliet - Day #115 by AngelGanev on DeviantArt
a drawing of a woman's face with water dripping from the top and bottom
Caption This - 27 February 2020 - The Minds Journal
a drawing of a woman's eye with stars and planets in the sky above it
Drawings Inspiration
the words i've liked you since i met you on a white and black background
90 Good Comebacks, Roasts & One-Liners For When You Need A Sick Burn
50 Best Funny Life Quotes & Popular Sayings About Life To Help You Stay Positive | YourTango
the words i am yours no refunds are written in black on a white background
50 Cute Love Quotes for Her that puts voice to your deepest feelings
You keep telling me that making me think I need to tell you the same. You got me now. There is no trading me in for a younger prettier model..... oh, there isn’t one. I’m one of a kind. Not sure if you knew that yet. Beahahahaha
a black and white photo with the words i have looked at you in millions of ways and i have loved you in each
32 Quotes About Love That Will Melt Your Heart
I studied you for months and never saw one thing I didn't like....yep, I love every phase and every detail that is you!!!
an open book with a poem written on the page and it is black and white
44 Awesome Romantic Love Quotes To Express Your Feelings
44 Awesome #Romantic #Love #Quotes To Express Your Feelings
a pink wall with the words, a million times over i will always choose you
I Still Have Faith In Us
Always. I can't tell u enough, only u my girl..every night every morning, every second..you r more than enough for me, bottom line I love u, just u my girl