Márk Székelyhidi

Márk Székelyhidi

Márk Székelyhidi
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Improved Technology - Improvements had helped many Europeans to conquer territory and the oceans of the world. Cartographers, or map makers created more accurate maps to assist sailors. As well as, Astrolabe; an instrument developed by the ancient Greeks, yet perfected by the Arabs.

theantidote: “ Cartographic Polyrhythms Emma McNally digital hybrid from drawing (graphite/carbon on paper) ‘Below the level of the musical note lies the realm of microsound, of sound particles.

'A Suprised Looking Whale and Bowl of Petunias', by Jonathan Burton Silver award for Book Illustration from The Association of illustrators. Selected for the American Illustration 29 Annual.

red-lipstick: “ Jonathan Burton - Interior illustrations and cover designs for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams. For Client: The.


Your soul is not a passive or a theoretical entity that occupies a space in the vicinity of your chest cavity. It is a very positive, purposeful force at the core of your being. It is that part of you that understands the impersonal nature of the energy