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Bred To Attack, They are Retarded and Bite, Maim and Kill their Owners or Handlers, Vote to Eradicate Pitbulls, Please Donte to Children Who Are Maimed From PittBulls.

8 ways to advocate for pitbulls even if you don't own a pitbull . /// I don't even have a pitbulls and this is still true

Hallstatt, Austria. Unique Travel Destination in Europe.

Hallstatt, Austria: Now known as the "most photographed place in Europe," the lakeside town dates back to the  Travelers could only access it by boat or narrow trails until the late century.

From the bold and vibrant to the sublime and desolate, here are 100 of the most beautiful landscapes on planet Earth.(In no particular order. Photography referenced at the bottom.) Also see the 50 Greatest Festivals in the World and the 100 Most Amazing, Unique, & Beautiful Hotels in the World. If you like it, …

/// british virgin islands /// this is the honeymoon you're dreaming of let's talk details and book it up >> travel kat