reminds me of when i watched the village and in the beginning there were trees just like this[ ]

Random Inspiration #16

I love this photo because it shows a different perspective of a landmark that is often taken pictures of in the same way.

How to Take Better Travel Photographs: Composition

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a beautiful dandelion that has gone to seed

Dandelion off center photo, capturing the beauty of a weed closeup. I really enjoy how the dandelion takes over the photo.

Every night before I write..

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Photograph Untitled by Светлана  Беляева on 500px

Magnificent Photography by Russian photographer Svetlana Belyaeva. Svetlana’s fashion or beauty photography is absolutely gorgeous. He is expert in capturing motion figures with great style and high quality.

Love the blacks, greys and splash of red!

Their is just something about a rainy day that makes me think about life. Sitting alone, in the rain is the place be when you're feeling a bit introspective. Who said rainy days weren't beautiful?

Time is a great author, and it will certainly write the most perfect answer.

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Girls, Natural, Photography, Little Girls, Fotografie, Daughters, Maids, Fotografia, Photograph