"Victory to Treyarch!" the soldier shouted as his horse reared in excitement. Arthur pushed himself to his knees, his arm burning where a sword at gotten a bit too close. Treyarch had betrayed them. He would never be able to see Saika again.

Reminds me a bit of The Rangers Apprentice, The Emperor of Nihon-Ja

Herdsmen with grey cattles on Hortobágy #Hungary

Magyar szürkemarha - a unique Hungarian breed of cows

Árpád vezér és fejedelem (uralkodása: 895–907?)

Arpad Grand Prince of the Hungarians was head of the Hungarian tribes millitary leader Árpád vezér és fejedelem Born AC 845 - 907 >Reign (AC <


Hussar and Hussar Officer from the Regiment (Bocskái)

Ferenc Rakoczi ll (1676-1735) Hungarian aristocrat.

Ferenc Rakoczi ll Hungarian aristocrat.

Kassai Lajos, a lovasíjászat alapítója és mestere tanítványaival egy új Guinness Világrekordot állított fel a Budapest Sportarénában.

A nation born on horseback We are said to be an equestrian nation, and in fact this is not just a myth.