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two clocks made to look like faces with black hands
Minimalist Aluminium Clock by Peleg Design
Minimalist Aluminium Clock by Peleg Design | http://www.designrulz.com/product-design/deco/2011/09/minimalist-aluminium-clock-by-peleg-design/
a clock made out of wood and black fabric with silver hands on the side of a rock
Ana Wall Clock by Denny Rasyid Priyatna (Indonesia). Photo Credit: Denny Rasyid Priyatna & Junita Ratna Maryam
a black and white clock with a silhouette of a man dancing on it's face
Art And Design News | Marketing For The Digital Age
Horloge humour voir burlesque. A faire soi même, collage sur les aiguilles d'une horloge.
a clock that is on the wall with numbers
Stylish Jewelry Professionally Engraved For Free | engravable.ca
i love this clock. this is what time looks like in my head...
a clock made out of wood sitting on top of a shelf
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Log Slab Clocks by NewhallsRustics on Etsy
a clock made out of tree slices on a white surface with black hands and numbers
A Natural Edge (Shop) Clock
A Natural Edge (Shop) Clock - by MightyWood @ LumberJocks.com ~ woodworking community
a clock made out of wood with a black and white pendulum on the back side
Reloj Mármol Travertino Clock designs and installation
the clock is made out of metal and has two forks sticking out of it's face
Wall Clocks in forged steel, original contemporary designs
contemporary wall clock in metal by Paul Margetts
a clock made out of wood with black hands and two different colored squares on it
two clocks with numbers on each side of them, one red and the other black
Relojes Fracción
a clock made out of wood with scissors on it's sides and two hands
a01089894128(강창균) 님이 회원님에게 핀을 보냈습니다!
掛け時計JO12 | ハンドメイドマーケット minne
a red and white clock mounted to the side of a wall in a square frame
'time:left - marsala' clock designed by viad pasca
a clock made out of wood with black hands
Artigiano in Fiera, Evento e E-commerce degli artigiani
Orologio da parete in legno diametro 60 cm., Samada edition