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Mark Szomolányi
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15 Email Marketing Myths: Debunking It With The Divinity - #infographic

Email marketing works differently for different brands. In this infographic, Monks bust top 15 email marketing myths with logical reasons to all of them.

"How To Create Killer E-commerce Product Page"  Having effective product pages are really important for a successful e-commerce website. Everyone knows that effective  product pages mean high conversion rates and better customer experience.

Creating effective E-commerce product pages is extremely important for better customer experience and high conversion rates. Check out our Infographic to find out How to Create Effective E-commerce Product Pages in 21 simple steps.

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The international conversion mystery of why international shoppers are browsing and adding items to their carts but not converting.

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Here are some facts about conversion rates and conversion optimization. To improve results online and with websites, conversion is a critical task.