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Awesome Novelty Lucky St. Patrick's Knee High Socks for Women

You've got lots of lucky charms on your side with these fun St. Patrick's Day socks, adorned with crossed fingers, four-leafed clovers and horseshoes.

Cool novelty Parisian Day Knee High Socks for women, in light blue

Let these fun Paris knee high socks enchant you on those moments in between your French holidays! They feature familiar landmarks and even French bulldogs!

Crazy Top Banana food knee high socks for women, in honey

It’s bananas how awesome these knee high socks are! Transforming each of your legs into a giant, half-peeled banana, these socks both look and feel delicious. They’re stitched from super soft and cozy

Fun novelty Coffee Break knee high socks for women, in oatmeal

Grab those to-go cups! They’re making a break for it! They’re just grabbing up more coffee beans to grind! How thoughtful. On these cool coffee knee high socks, those to-go cups yo

Crazy novelty Pretty in Poison knee high socks for women, in mint

Are you cute but deadly, packing a punch beneath your sweet accessories and face full of dimples? Then these fun knee socks that mix cutesy cupcakes, bows and rainbows with skulls and crossbones will

Funny Burger and Fries food knee high socks for women

Just look at how awesome the oversized burger and fries look on these cool knee high socks! Is your mouth watering right now?

Crazy novelty Girl Power knee high socks for women, in imperial blue

Wonder Woman’s got nothing on you! We’re pretty sure you could show the world who’s boss in these awesome “girl power” knee high socks! Featuring some comic book-style “bams” and “pows,” these bright

Awesome St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Knee High Socks for Women

Patrick's Day with these awesome black knee high socks with bright green shamrocks. Simple, but definitely not boring. Knee High Socks Fits women's shoe size Content: Acrylic, Polyester, Spandex, Rubber by K.