Новогодние игрушки сделаем сами: 10 простых и красивых идей.

Очумелые ручки

I like this chestnut wreath but I wouldn't put the hearts on it. I would leave it more natural looking.

Новогодние украшения

Go Nuts!  I would call this a classic throwback to the Pine Cone Wreath my gmaily used to make and sell back in the 70's.  They were really popular in the Midwest.

Woodland Wreath - tutorial shows how to make this acorn- and pinecone-covered wreath using found materials, a wreath form, some burlap and glue - via HGTV

Rose hip wreaths come in many different styles, allowing you to decorate for a range of holidays and seasons. Not only are they diverse, but rose hip wreaths are also quite unique compared to the typical pinecone wreath.