Trees on rocks

Get inspired with dotted tree of life and seasonal tree rock painting design ideas. For more painted rock and stone art ideas, visit I Love Painted Rocks.

Soap decoupage

Soap decoupage

#Basteln mit #Kindern - Steine bemalen - Figuren und Accessoires für ausgedachte Geschichten - tolle Idee! // Story Stones... what a "novel" idea! (THAT slogan is all mine!!!) -kris

7 Top Ideas For Crafts For Kids

Rock painting with Americana® Multi-Surface Acrylics — Create cute woodland animal rocks with your little ones using Multi-Surface paint!

New to painting rocks? Get started with these this collection of super easy but beautiful rock painting tutorials that make pretty rocks easy for anyone!

Pet rocks are a fun and easy kids craft activity. Get creative making, bugs rocks with googly eyes, and more.

Kids Craft Activity: Pet rocks

- color bugs - painted rocks in rainbow brights with googlie eyes - would make cutie cute fridge magnets! - Barb would use diy clay instead :)