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two small wooden nutcrackers sitting on top of red tin canisters
#christmas #karácsony #karácsonyidekoráció
two small baskets with christmas decorations on them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
two small christmas baskets sitting on top of a table
three christmas decorations are sitting in small buckets on the table, decorated with pine cones and berries
three candles are placed in a wreath on a table with pine cones and other decorations
a christmas wreath with white flowers, red berries and a deer figurine sitting in front of it
a small christmas decoration with candles and decorations
Advent christmas
a wooden box filled with christmas decorations and candles on top of a table next to a sign
Advent christmas
a christmas cake decorated with candles and ornaments
Advent christmas weihnachten
a christmas centerpiece with candles, ornaments and a deer figurine on it
Advent christmas weihnahten
two white candles sitting on top of star shaped coasters with blue ribbon and pine cones
three small christmas trees in white pots with pink bows and pine cones on the top
two red candles sitting on top of pillows with pine cones and ornaments around them, tied together