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an image of a plan for a train station
a drawing of a plan for a parking lot in the middle of a building with red arrows
Quipsologies: Vol. 84 | No. 53
Amazing sketches, notes, production drawings, and photographs of the development of “Monster Bash”, a 1998 pinball machine designed by Georg...
a drawing of a plan with several different things in the middle and one on top
a man holding up a can of beer
two men in native garb holding wooden sticks
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a tiki sign
a man is looking at a map on the ground while holding his hand up to it
Treasure map
many wires and tools are connected to the board
Arduino Pinball Machine That Plays Itself!
a star wars movie poster with a man wearing a helmet and headphones
Rad Rebel - Galaxy S6 / Edge / Edge Plus