Szűcs Julianna

Szűcs Julianna

Szűcs Julianna
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Sharon's Tatted Lace: Transitions in Tatting order form now up

The Transitions in Tatting order form is now up and clicking on the link will take you to the page. I've also added it to the links list o.

Sharon's Tatted Lace: Another simple book mark- uses a paper lip to make mock rings and explains how yo do a zigzag chain

Each of these little bookmarks allows beginners to learn new little techniques. This is another of the bookmarks that can be done using ch.

Sharon's Tatted Lace: Look what the snowflake grew into

Today we& looking at snowflake number It& nothing really exciting is it? Pretty much the same thing as the first snowflake with 2 rin.

Sharon's Tatted Lace: Design Snowflake 6

The first snowflake was skimpy, the second was much fuller looking, but still seemed a little small. So I designed number I have been thi.

Sharon's Tatted Lace: Pattern for Bible Bookmark

I didn't think my Bible bookmark was anything special, it just suited my needs. Apparently quite a few of you think it's pretty good and wan.