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Maldives Islands is an island nation in the Indian Ocean–Arabian Sea area, consisting of a double chain of twenty-six atolls, abundant with reef wildlife including whale sharks. - 12 Places To Swim With The Clearest, Bluest Waters.

A világ egyik legdrágább kutyája a tibeti masztiff - Hírek #tibeti #masztiff #tibetianmastiff #tibetian #mastiff #expensive #dog #kutyabaráthelyek

Tibetan Mastiffs are considered to be prized pets in China. They're thought of as a "living luxury product," but can only be owned by those willing to pay the exorbitant price.

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Képeken a legdrágább európai otthonok

Ez a világ legdrágább hotelszobája - Genf http://www.nlcafe.hu/utazas/20131012/legdragabb-hotelszoba-genf/

This week we find ourselves dreaming up a night inside the superlative walls of the Hotel President Wilson’s Royal Penthouse suite in Geneva, Switzerland

Oh you know you love to see coffee when you wake up, but you can't help but smile if Coffee Owl shows up to start your day.

Lamborghini Reventon - Most powerful and the most expensive Lamborghini ever built. in seconds with a top speed of 211 mph. 20 made.

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If there are the highest paid people around the world, there are also the most expensive animals – those that have been bought for millions…

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Beverly House Estate, Beverly Hills, California - Marcelle Sussman Fischler The Pampered Nest - Forbes