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Cute best friend picture! @Maddie McCormick @Rebekah Ahn Ahn Hoffman

"Hellcats": (fun show starring Ashley Tisdale & Aly Michalka)

#19!!!  20 Artsy Best Friend Pictures.. we're doing all of these when I come down! @Sabrina Majeed Majeed Lopez @jen McNally Evans Mulligan @Emma Zangs Zangs Sloan @Tiffany Hoover

37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas: With your hair. if there's a long time for getting ready images, could do on the bed!

Best Friend Road Trip | Pura Vida Bracelets

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the prime of life | arizona senior photographer

the prime of life arizona senior photographer

young, wild and free

that's a really small starfish.

Dance in the Rain .....

Keep calm and dance in the rain! Raindrops are just tears of joy!

InfoComm rAVe Interviews Fernando About the Competing Cookie Lady

You are not a drop in the ocean but the whole ocean in one drop.

This is a very beautiful drawing. The pacifier is a bit weird but maybe it symbolizes something to the girl like her baby sibling perhaps?