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a printable worksheet with pictures and words
Plural Nouns online worksheet for 3rd
a page with pictures of santa claus and other things
Santa Claus routine
Santa Claus routine
a christmas board game is shown on the phone
Christmas Boardgame
Christmas Boardgame Featuring Present Simple and Continuous
a christmas poem with red and white stripes
What a great Christmas I had / Christmas reading
What a great Christmas I had / reading
the christmas tree has been decorated with santa claus's helper and other decorations
Christmas traditions
Christmas traditions
the christmas tree legend worksheet
Christmas tree
Christmas tree
a christmas board game with santa's and reindeers on it
Board Game - Christmas & Santa
Board Game - Christmas
a christmas calendar with cartoon characters and words in english, spanish, and french language
Christmas Board Game
A Christmas Board Game Más
a worksheet with the words buy pawes night and an image of a dog
Guy Fawkes Night - worksheet based on a YouTube video (link provided).
bonfire night - 5th november worksheet with pictures and activities to help students understand the fire
Bonfire Night - 5th November (Guy Fawkes' Night)
Bonfire Night - 5th November (Guy Fawkes Night)
a poster with the words help save the world and pictures to be displayed on it
Earth Day resource
Earth Day resource worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by teachers