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a black and white horse with its head turned to the side, in front of a dark background
a black and white spotted horse grazing in the grass with its head resting on it's hind legs
The Definition of Love.... is Horses
a white horse is galloping on the sand in front of a wall and cement floor
ermahgerdgetinmerbern: “ Sabino Thoroughbred ”
a white and brown horse laying on its back in the grass with it's legs spread out
a gray horse with orange mane running in dirt area next to fence and green trees
Unique coloring on a horse! Read the book "Nobody's Horses: The Dramatic Rescue Of The Wild Herd Of White Sands " by Don Höglund, DVM . Wild horses were described w/similar coloring & determined to be descendents of Midnight. Whose progeny was Peppy San Badger. Isolated & undisturbed for years. Loved the book -wish there had been more photos! (However this is RISE N SHINE DAYDREAM BELIEVR H, WELSH PONY, 2004 (liver chestnut roan with two red roan parents)
a black horse with bridles on it's head is shown against a white background
Travel Trailer Story
a white horse is galloping in an enclosed area
Conprometido de Diana - Cheri Prill
Paso Fino Stallion, Conprometido de Diana. Photo by Stunning Steeds
a close up of a horse's head wearing a bridle and reins
Home - Tack & Bridle
#horseriding #horserider #equine Robudh aíbhnes gan eocha dam-sa sin... That would be like a festival without horses for me... In the tale "Cath Maighe Léna", Conn offers Eógan Mór the greater part of Ireland in order to avoid a costly battle. Conn withholds Temair, however, and Eóg
a black and white horse standing on top of a grass covered field next to a brick wall
Horses. Photos. Photos of Horses.
scarlettjane22: “ I’m a horseaddict ”
a brown horse wearing a black saddle and bridle on it's back
a brown and white horse grazing on grass
We had something like this at the old SS, so I thought I'd start a new one over here! I've compiled a whole bunch of unique, unusual horses to use as references. We've all hit a hexer's block at some