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Ghyr, n'ern. Glantri, Norwold (Oceansend, Landfall, or Alpha), Vestland (''N'ern. Reaches'), or pos'ly. Denagoth, Soderfjord Jarldoms (''N'ern. Reaches'), or Helskir (Isle of Dawn) regions...  [noble medieval]

Mage of the Caslte, Cael. The most powerful Mage residing in the Castle and attends to the King's needs as well. Very loyal to the Crown, only takes the highest apprentices, and an avid supporter of the demise of the Elves.

Alaric Alderstone, Lord. M 65 – The lord of House Alderstone

Voivode (Sergei Kirillov, Voivode (derived from Old Slavonic language, literally means “One who leads warriors”) is a Slavic title that originally denoted the principal commander of a military.