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many different types of clocks are shown in various colors and sizes, including red, yellow, blue, green, orange
Just a few of our examples of clocks made to order this January.
a wooden box with rope in it and an arrow pointing to the bottom one side
DIY Hanging Light Fixture
A DIY tutorial to make a rustic farmhouse style hanging light fixture using wood boards and prewired light kits, no electrical skills necessary!
the light fixture is made from wood and glass globes, which are hanging over a kitchen counter
DIY Hanging Light Fixture
DIY light example using large light bulbs only
a bicycle wheel with spokes is lit up by a lamp on top of the table
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an old bicycle wheel is sitting on top of a wooden table with wheels attached to it
Home Discount Designer Brands - Up to 70% off - BrandAlley
Wheel Console, Black & Natural
Woodworking Projects I Teds Woodworking I Woodworking Plans I Woodworking Idea
a clock made out of gears hanging on the wall with chains attached to it's sides
Clutch wall clock