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💆 "Smooth Away Stress: Effective Exercises to Reduce Forehead Lines!" 💆
"Relax and rejuvenate with these effective exercises to reduce forehead lines! Smooth away stress and promote a youthful glow naturally. Unwind and embrace a more radiant you today! ✨ #StressRelief #AntiAging #FacialExercises #SkinCare. credit-@valeriiaveksler"
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Eye muscles should be exercised too 👀
Eye muscles should be exercised too 👀 Do you know how the muscle looks like - it’s a ring like muscle - called orbicularis oculi ( looks it up ) and if this little donut doesn’t get a challenging little routine your concern area, may it be eye hollows, dark circles, eye bags, droopy eyelids etc will not just improve by it self. By exercising the area you are not only strengthening it, tightening the skin, but you can also improve your vision - yes!! That’s true and many of my members experience this 💪 If you are ready to take not only your eye area, but whole face neck and jawline to a new level of fitness and activation join my 6 Week Lift & Sculpt Course and let’s give you that glow up you and your face deserves🌟
3 Steps To Reduce A Double Chin - Gua Sha Tutorial
Difficulty: Easy Tools: • Gua Sha • Facial oil or moisturizer
Get Rid of Double Chins With A Gua Sha! #skin
Enhance your skin's beauty with our ✨ stainless steel gua sha facial tool. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it's designed for precision and comfort. Reduce puffiness, define your jawline, and relieve muscle tension. Unveil a more radiant you. #GuaShaMagic #FacialWellness #Ad #Skin💆‍♀️🌟 Credit: @yurileeeee
Skincare Ingredient Pairs

Hyaluronic Acid combined with ceramides helps to repair the skin's barrier.

Niacinamide combined with salicylic acid heals acne.

Retional combined with niacinamide enhances collagen production. Healthy Skin Care, Skin Care, Skin Treatments, Skin Care Tips, Skincare Ingredients, Cruelty Free Skin Care, Skin Care Tools, Facial Skin Care Routine, Good Skin Tips
Skincare Ingredient Pairs
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Lymphatic Drainage Tool
gua shua
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