Will Wood and the tapeworms

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three women and one man are posing for the camera in front of a sign that says me and the gang
one of these is not like the other
a man wearing a black hat and striped shirt
a man taking a selfie with his cell phone in front of him and making a funny face
two people with makeup on their faces and one is eating a donut while the other looks at the camera
a man with glasses and a striped t - shirt has his hand on his head
a man with glasses holding up a toothbrush in front of a group of people
a man sitting in the driver's seat of a car talking on his cell phone
Getting ready for hot boy summer
a man wearing a face mask and black pants in a store with shoes on the floor
a man in a black dress and hat on stage
two women in black dresses and one is holding her hair while the other looks on
Why is he⁉️
a man sitting on top of a stone sign