I thought this, or something like it might be really cool for you to draw @darksunshine

Cool drawing idea I want to try this it reminds me of that sidewalk art . perfect it in miniature on paper first. I HAVE TO DO THIS!

Cherry Blossom Pier Acrylic Sunset Painting by DannaLivingston, $45.00

Cherry Blossom Pier Acrylic Sunset Painting Original Abstract Minimalist Landscape Contemporary Ready Wall Art to Hang

Kristina Webb- really makes you think about what you would see

Drew on another starbucks cup :) -Kristina Webb (Colour Me Crea✞ive)

Art/Drawings: Imagine a Mirror That Could Reveal Your Personality Would You Dare Look? (by Kristina Webb)

Each night I tell the moon and stars and God in Heaven above, of my aching heart, how much I miss you, and my deep and endless love. <3

LOve in abundance by Amanda Cass. Always love and smiles for my sweet, girl.

Cute drawing

Cute drawing I cant wait to have your head on my lap again.tracing your lips with my fingers.and your eyebrows just staring at you.

How to Draw a Dragon Eye, Smaug's Eye | FinalProdigy.com

This is a video and text/image tutorial that shows how to draw Smaug the dragon's eye from the Hobbit movies.