The weeknd

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a hand is plugged in to an iphone with the text, the weekend on it
#real therapy
a woman with red nail polish holding her hand up to her chest and the word xo tattooed on it
36 Best The Weeknd XO Tattoos and Ideas - NSF News and Magazine
a man wearing a santa hat standing in front of a christmas tree
🎄Christmas time
a heart shaped cake in a box with the number 90 on it's side
It's beautiful 😭😭😭
Invited to my next birthday 😼👌
17th Birthday Ideas, 18th Birthday, Bday, The Weeknd Birthday, Birthday Party
the weeknd cake
a young child laying in the bathtub surrounded by various album covers and magnets
a man in a christmas tree costume taking a selfie
a drawing of the inside of a head with words in it that read, the weekend
a man with his mouth open and food in front of him is making a weird face