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painted rocks depicting the birth of jesus and other nativity items on a white surface
a painted rock sitting on top of a wooden table
Northern lights
Miniature Hamsa dot art painted rock
there are many different colored rocks with faces on them, and one is painted in the same colors
20+ Easy Painted Rock Crafts » Homemade Heather
20+ Painted Rock Crafts: Stone Family
a hand holding a rock with buildings painted on it
Greek Town Inspired Stone
Greek Town Inspired Stone by ArtRocks by Karen, via Flickr
a painted rock with a snowman on it
Snowman with chickadee, painted on a beach rock.
a wreath with seashells and starfish tied to it on top of a table
14+ Stupefying Modern Lamp Shades Ceilings Ideas
6 Knowing Cool Tips: Table Lamp Shades Modern repurposed lamp shades projects.Lamp Shades Diy Glitter unique lamp shades bedrooms.Mini Lamp Shades Chandelier..
a hand painted rock with a woman's face on it
a painted rock with a rubber duck holding an umbrella
Decorative Rocks : Simply ducky - VerityMag.com - Fashion, Lifestyle, idées & Inspiration
Decorative Rocks : Simply ducky
a painted rock with a woman in a blue dress and hat on it sitting on a wooden table
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a painted rock with a woman wearing a black hat and flowers on it's head