Just trying it

Ok forget about the "if you repost your true love will." Cause that's not true! But this is so sweet if you read to a certain point:)

teenager posts. ♕

So relatable. one time a guy like for a company asked me when I was born and I took about 5 second trying to remember when my birthday was and then I started laughing

Haha true

I do this ALL the time! I go up to something and I'm like "that's pretty" and I look at the price tag and I'm like "never mind it's ugly"


Teenager Post - Do you ever play a song and realize you were too distracted to appreciate the beauty of the song so you replay it.

Maybe q little less than 12 years...

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Teenager Posts My dad told me that used to if you typed 'Who can beat Chuck Norris' and hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button, it would say, 'No one can beat Chuck Norris.

Kicks ice cube under fridge

I read past my bedtime and sneak brownies at midnight *good girls plays in the distance*

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