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Cute short and full beard styles for men are changing rapidly and gaining lot of importance in the male society. Full beard style is the most popular trend


Most of the time you will see hairstyle pictures of men with a clean face, so let's dedicate this forum guide to the best hairstyles for beards. Usually, it is volume styles that suit men with beards.

I red this book during a vacation near the see. i thought that maybe it would not be an appropriate source of joy, but it was. /Nostalgiacorner

It by Stephen King - The most terrifying horror novel i have ever read. The plot is one of Kings best ones. ditto and it was one of the first King novels I read and I fell in love with him

I read this my sophomore year of high school, and I've never forgotten it.  It was an English assignment. It was the first time that I had read a book in which the author had taken the time to create a glossary for a whole new universe.  At first glance, it would have turned me off.  However, I LOVED it.  I couldn't wait for the long ride home on the school bus every day just to read this novel.

Dune by Frank Herbert Dune is perhaps the most important science fiction novel in my life. I’ve always loved this book. In fact one of my most prized possessions is a first print hardcover Dune,.


"To Live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people Exist, that is all." Oscar Wilde (is that because living is riskier? is reward to risk not worthwhile?

Could you imagine the most exciting ass in the wole universe? I could not, but i just saw it.

Audi S a big car lover, but if I could have a car in the future this expensive and beautifully would be sport cars cars cars