Hungary, a reluctant player in WWI, paid a price no other modern nation had ever before been subjected to. The French, long hungry to stall rapid economic advancement in German and Hungarian lands and despite American protests and calls for plebiscites, sent their troops to Northern Hungary in violation of the cease fire, and then pushed through the Treaty of Versailles (Trianon).

Hungary, a reluctant player in WWI, paid a price no other modern nation had ever been subjected to. The Treaty of Versailles (Trianon) divided much Hungary's territory between Czechoslovakia, Austria, Yugoslavia and Romania.

A Kárpát-medence térképe a két bécsi döntés (1938, 1940) után, amelyek a szomszéd államok magyar többségű területeit Magyarországnak ítélték vissza

A map of Hungary during world War II -- to the North is Nazi Germany, to the South German-occupied Croatia and Serbia, Italy (Olasz) and Romania. Hungarian-majority areas of the neighboring states were annexed to Hungary.

Kingdom of Hungary (1920-1944): The irredentist Magyar Hiszek Egy ("The Hungarian Creed" written by Mrs. Elemér Papp-Váry, née Szeréna Sziklay (1881-1923). Recited each morning by Hungarian school children during the Horthy era. "I believe in Hungary’s resurrection!" referring to revision of the Treaty of Trianon, 1920.

Kingdom of Hungary, irredentist anti-Treaty of Trianon poster. Yellow map outline shows borders.

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adosunk_europa_497868_14616.jpg (509×700)

Tratatul de la Trianon, un act care certifica o realitate istorică și o aproba o cerință a majorității | Historia

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77 éve, 1940. augusztus 30-án született meg a második bécsi döntés | Körké

77 éve, augusztus született meg a második bécsi döntés - Körkép.